Frequently Asked Questions

A: Title insurance generally insures the title of your property up until the moment your deed gets recorded. DeedLock monitors your deed from the time it is recorded into the future. Generally, title insurance ceases to ensure anything after the date your deed is recorded. One might say title insurance is backward looking and DeedLock is forward-looking.

A: DeedLock “locks” a deed by enabling a 24/7 monitoring service.

A: Home title fraud or mortgage fraud happens when a crook signs your name on either a deed or mortgage and steals either the title to your house or the equity in your home.

A: The QR code technology is used to help people look up your deed in Deedlock. A unique QR code is stamped on every deed that is entered into our system so that when viewing a deed at the local county clerk’s office the viewer knows that this deed has been locked and is monitored by Deedlock.

A: You will be contacted through an official Deedlock email informing you of irregularities.

A: First, you’ll need to do a tremendous amount of investigation at the local recorder’s office. Next, hire an attorney to work to have the title restored.

A: They are actually very similar, as title fraud is essentially one form of identity theft.

A: Our customer service department would be more than happy to help you!

A: According to the FBI, it’s currently the fastest growing crime segment.

A: Everyone. However, elderly and people for whom English is a second language are especially susceptible.

A: The process happens within a matter of minutes.

A: We can put you in touch with a team of legal professionals who can work to unwind the damage. Compensation for that service would be negotiated directly between you and the law firm.

A: Absolutely. You should protect all of your real property.

A: Absolutely. DeedLock works with any type of property.

A: Yes!

A: Rent an apartment.

A: Using DeedLock does not trigger a letter from the Department of Records. In many cases, if you aren’t anticipating a letter from the Department of Records, it can indicate someone is trying to take steps to steal your home equity. By using DeedLock, you drastically reduce the chance of this happening, since your deed is locked.

A: It informs you that there may be an event that requires further investigation.